Yoga Mat Strap Options

Looking for the best yoga mat strap options? We hear you; all yogis know that your wellness practices may be limited without the proper equipment. Part of that yoga gear calls for yoga mat straps, and that’s exactly what we want to talk to you about today. Get to know different yoga mat strap options for your yoga needs.

We totally understand that making the transition from home to a yoga class can be a bit of a hassle when you need to be carrying your mat. That’s when yoga mat straps come to the rescue. All your worry can be avoided by getting a mat strap, which provides a practical way to get your mat from home to work to the studio with no hassle.

Some yoga mat straps also offer to be used during class, are made from a comfortable material, and should also be long enough to fit around your mat. Now that you understand the importance of yoga mat straps learn about the different options below, and feel free to pick your favorite.

Best Yoga Mat Strap Options

Yoga Mat Strap Sling, Adjustable and Durable 100% Cotton Yoga Mat Carrier

The mat carrier is thick and sturdy, made from 100% cotton with thick loops on each end that will tighten to hold your mat securely.

Made with you in mind, our products have been designed, produced, and tested by our experts, to ensure they provide the right comfort and support and can withstand vigorous daily practice.

This flexible strap can be used to carry not just mats but any item over your shoulder or across your body.
To use, simply slip the loops over both ends of your mat and then pull to tighten. You can easily store your mat in the strap without worrying that it will loosen and come unrolled.

Yoga Mat Strap Options: Yoga Mat Strap Sling, Adjustable and Durable 100% Cotton Yoga Mat Carrier


  • Quality and durable cotton mat strap
  • Easy to use
  • Secure and comfortable
  • Machine washable

Tumaz Yoga Mat Strap

This yoga mat claims to be the best strap you can find in the market. All Tumaz strap is made of thick polyester cotton, which makes it extremely durable but still retains the softness of normal cotton.
It’s an exceptional mat carrier, but there’s more to it!

Tumaz yoga mat strap functions as a stretch strap, making it the perfect workout companion for your yoga practice.
Tumaz yoga mat sling is made of soft, skin-friendly fabric. You’ll never worry about cutting your hand or shoulder again!

Yoga Mat Strap Options: Tumaz Yoga Mat Strap


  • Double function
  • Polyester cotton
  • 2.5 mm thickness
  • Eco-friendly dyeing
  • Special tight-knit technique
  • Delicate texture

FIT SPIRIT Adjustable Cotton Yoga Mat Carrying Strap

Fit Spirit’s Yoga Sling provides you with a simple hands-free solution for toting your mat around with the perfect combination of comfort and function.

This is an affordable, lightweight, and convenient strap to keep your hands free and your mat from unrolling in transit.
It is also a multifunctional stretching strap to help you hold and extend poses and carry your yoga mat. With its multi-purpose functionality, your Fit Spirit Yoga Sling can also be used as a stretching strap for warm-ups, cool-downs, or to increase flexibility.

Yoga Mat Strap Options: FIT SPIRIT Adjustable Cotton Yoga Mat Carrying Strap


  • Dimensions: Length 64″ / Width 1.5″
  • Adjustable loops to strap and secure any size yoga mat
  • Multifunction

Gaiam Easy-Cinch Yoga Mat Sling, 1 Count

A perfect combination of comfort and function, Gaiam’s Easy Cinch Yoga Sling is a great update to our traditional sling.

A durable, single nylon strap with metal D-ring sliders slip over mats easily to accommodate any mat size, holding it snug and secure.

Yoga Mat Strap Options: Gaiam Easy-Cinch Yoga Mat Sling, 1 Count


  • Durable carrying strap for your yoga mat
  • Metal D-ring sliders ensure that your mat is secure
  • Lightweight design
  • Measurements: 35½”L x 1″W
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash. Dry flat.

Manduka Journey On Commuter Yoga Mat Carrier

The Commuter has a fresh, nature-inspired look to add joy and versatility to any practice. Designed to fit mats of any size, the commuter carrier is an eco-friendly alternative that keeps your mat accessible for all occasions.

Easily take your mat between home and studio with Manduka’s commuter mat carrier. Simple, adjustable mat carrier with a padded shoulder for ultimate comfort. The ultimate choice for yoga, pilates, and fitness aficionados on the go.

Gravity cinch closure is easy to use and noise-free. Forget about Velcro, snaps, or buckles to disrupt your practice or anybody else’s. Loop it around each end of your mat and let gravity do its work. Suitable for all mat sizes.

Yoga Mat Strap Options: Manduka Journey On Commuter Yoga Mat Carrier


  • Unbleached and free of AZO dyes
  • Standard size, 68” x 1.5”. Suitable for mats of all sizes
  • Wash on delicate cycle and tumble dry on low
  • Gravity cinch closure

Loop It Up Mat Strap

A no-fuss mat strap is perfect for carrying, well, your mat. It doubles as a strap to help you stretch.
Get your mat where you want to go and nail every position with this fabulous strap from lululemon, the best of both worlds!

Yoga Mat Strap Options: Loop It Up Mat Strap


  • Designed for Yoga
  • Buckle-free closure on both ends adjusts to fit any mat
  • Spot clean
  • Do not wash
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean

Gaiam On-The-Go Yoga Mat Carrier

This strap is all you need to be out the door and headed into class. It carries not only your mat but also your keys, wallet, or phone, safely.
A streamlined, thoughtful design fit to carry nearly any size yoga mat. Quick-release magnetic snaps make access and storage quick and easy with an internal strap secures your mat and the outer pocket for extra storage.

Machine washable and durably constructed, this is a smart, elegant carrier that’s simple to care for and easy to love!

Yoga Mat Strap Options: Gaiam On-The-Go Yoga Mat Carrier


  • Streamlined, thoughtful design fit to carry nearly any size yoga mat
  • Quick-release magnetic snaps make access and storage quick and easy
  • Internal strap that secures your mat
  • Outer pocket for extra storage
  • Machine washable

Hugger Mugger Simple Sling for Yoga Mats

Keep your journey simple. This minimal but functional sling uses Velcro to fasten around your mat for easy transport. The ultimate in simplicity, our Tapas Simple Sling will carry any Hugger Mugger mat without a fuss.
The sling is made from sturdy nylon webbing in fun colors, and the adjustable mat straps feature easy Velcro fasteners.
To keep it in great condition, all you need to do is spot clean with a damp cloth or hand wash and hang to dry.

Yoga Mat Strap Options: Hugger Mugger Simple Sling for Yoga Mats


  • Fits all Hugger Mugger yoga mats
  • Simple to use
  • Economical
  • Compact, great for travel
  • Materials: Nylon Webbing, Velcro

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