Types of Yoga Mat Storage

Looking for the best storage for your collection of yoga mats? We hear you, when you start taking your wellness practices more serious, different tools and gadgets are required and just like your children’s playroom, your items may end up making a mess. Reason why today we’ll be telling you about types of yoga mat storage.

All committed yogis know that without the proper tools your welness practices may be limited. Part of that yoga gear calls for yoga mats, stretch straps, blankets, towels, bolsters, meditation cushions and the list goes on. But where to put all your yoga equipment? This is why storage becomes elemental.

To avoid these items piling up and making a room look messy, you have different options of storage and getting to know them will help you choose according to your specific needs. Some storage options offer different features and are made from different materials so keep your eyes peel and check out types of yoga mat storage below. Feel free to pick your favorite.


Why is it important to store yoga mats?

Besides your yoga gear, you need to carry only a mat, which provides you with cushion and grip both. Hence, getting a top of the line model is totally worth it. To ensure you get the best out of your mat for the longest period of time possible, you need to care for it properly, and that includes finding a suitable storage.
Otherwise, you may regret storing it however you want as it can damage the mat, even destroy it. So you may end up having to get a new one, or worse, stop practicing even.

How to store yoga mats?

This can be answered from two perspectives. If you run a yoga studio, you are facing a bigger challenge. If you cannot store them properly, damaging the mats or the participants will be really bad for business.

When you use a mat for your personal yoga sessions at home and endp up damaging the mat due to poor storage, this can be problematic for you as you do not have extra mats.

To stop it from happening, you need to go through a few steps for storing your yoga mat in a proper way.

Clean it regularly

During yoga you are likely to sweat and depending on the material of the mat, it is either absorbed or sticks to the surface. To avoid bad odors and bacteria from forming, you need to clean the mat before storing it. Depending on the material of your mat, clean the mat thoroughly. Using an all-natural cleaning product is always better for the material.

You can use refresher wipes on the go. However, for long-time storing, washing is the best option. You will remove all the sweat, grime, and bacteria stuck in the crevices and crannies.


You need to dry the mat after cleaning it, especially if you go for a full wet wash. If it is not dried, it can still cause bacterial growth, as well as fungal growth, which is really bad for the skin and lungs.

Give it enough time to dry. For better results, keep it hanging at a place with ample airflow, on a drying rack or the back of a chair.

While sunlight is good to remove bacteria and mold, some mat material like rubber can break down if exposed to it for a long period of time. So, do not leave them outside for more than an hour before taking it inside and storing them.


Now, when it comes to storing you need to store the mat somewhere accessible, yet you cannot keep it lying around. Suitable places to store your mat may include:

  • Getting a mat hanger
  • Mat basket or bins
  • Mat bags
  • Mat cabinets
  • Multi-purpose furniture
  • DIY Yoga Mat Rack
  • Yoga mat storage cart

Types of yoga mat storage

Check out different types of yoga mat sotrage that will help you keep you mat in placed wihtout no hassel.

Multi-functional Home Gym Wall Mount Rack Shelf Organizer

This shelf rack can hold not only your yoga mat but also your shoes, your exercise bands, your towels and even a pretty picture for décor.

Specially designed for home gym exerciser. It will help you organizing your towel, yoga mat, exercising bike shoes and exercise bands in an all round way, in a few words all your work out necessities. Save your room space and keep your house tidy and clean.

Made of high quality bamboo material, sturdy and durable. It allows you to place some heavy stuff like protein powder jar, photo frame and flower pot on the shelf.

Types of Yoga Mat Storage


  • Can hold up to 50kg
  • Exclusive design
  • High quality bamboo material
  • Multi-function
  • Easy installation

MyGift Wall-Mounted Vintage Gray Wood 3-Tier Yoga and Barre Mats Storage Rack

The retro wooden design will add a decorative charm to your home or gym. The yoga mat storage rack can keep exercise equipment organized, and its vintage gray finish will add a rustic element to your home, which also goes well with vintage, farmhouse and contemporary décor.

Presenting 3 shelves and the wall-mounted design, this vintage gray wood yoga storage rack allows you to storage yoga mats and will make your space neat and tidy. It can be easily mounted to most wall surfaces with proper hardware.

You can place it in living room, gym, basement or garage to organize various exercise mats, which is a great way to save your spaces.

Types of Yoga Mat Storage


  • Wall mounted storage rack perfect for organizing exercise mats and pads
  • 3 shelves for storing
  • Vintage wood construction complements a variety of decors
  • Easy to mount to most wall surfaces

MyGift 3 Compartment Vintage Dark Brown Wood Gym Sports Fitness Foam Roller/Yoga Mat Holder Wall Mounted or Floor Storage Rack

This dark brown wood gym sports equipment holder is perfect for organizing foam rollers or yoga mats in your home gym or fitness center.

Provides 3 storage slots for foam rollers, yoga mats, towels, and more, with open side panels so that you can easily view their contents, can fits items up to 6.25 inches in diameter.
Dark brown wood construction seamlessly blends with rustic and contemporary decors for added stylish storage and convenient accessibility.

Includes 4 bottom foot pads to display on floors while protecting their surfaces; can be secured to flat wall surfaces.

Types of Yoga Mat Storage


  • 3 compartments for storing
  • Accessibility
  • Wood material
  • Multi-purpose

Wallniture Moduwine Yoga Mat Storage Rack

Wallniture Moduwine gym storage rack is amazingly organizational for a fitness center or small home gym setup! Hang it on your wall and store your favorite workout mat, gym mat, or colorful yoga mat set without worrying a bit that it can fall and get damaged!

2 bottom hooks make it ideal to store your home gym equipment like yoga mat strap, stretch bands, workout bands, jump ropes, resistance bands, yoga headband, etc. without a tangled mess.
Store up to 15 lbs if mounted on to drywall with included anchors and screws. If directly mounted on to the studs or wooden walls with included screws, capacity can go up to 40 lbs

Types of Yoga Mat Storage


  • Functional and stylish design
  • High load capacity
  • Decorative floor space saving solution
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Multi-Purpose

LA JOLIE MUSE Woven Basket Rope Storage Baskets

This rope storage basket has been created on an industrial sewing machine. Made using 100% cotton rope and industrial strength poly/cotton thread to zig-zag stitch the rope together.

Sort your daily necessities and keep tidy all the magazines, yoga mat, cloth, books and other sundries at home. Create a cozy space for your guests to enjoy a free time in your living room.

This tall cotton rope basket protects your clothes, blankets from snagging or getting mildewed. It stand on its own but made out of pure cotton rope so it’s light enough to be dragged around by small hands.

Types of Yoga Mat Storage


  • Handcrafted with ingenuity
  • Eco for nature
  • Safe for kids with premium quality material
  • Nordic Style addition to your lovely home!

ZXXL Black Yoga Mat Storage Cart, Mobile Yoga Mat Holder Basket

If you need mobility and storage, this is the way to do it. This wheeled design for easy move, suitable for you to place anywhere you need it.

Perfect storage and display stand for workout equipment like exercise mat, workout bands, or jump rope. Ideal for home, gym, small studio, or commercial use.

The use of metal and the surface is coated with anti-oxidation and waterproof paint layer. The reasonable and scientific design makes the yoga mat storage rack more load-bearing and the yoga mat is not easy to fall.

Types of Yoga Mat Storage


  • Strong and durable
  • Mobile yoga mat cart
  • Multi-Functional
  • Easy to install

Metal Floor Yoga Mat Storage Cart Display Stand

The gym organizer racks are great for storing small size foam rollers, yoga mats, fitness exercise mat and work out mat etc. You can place it in studio, gym, basement or garage to organize various exercise mats, making the yoga mat display rack a great choice for workout facilities of any size.

The use of high-quality steel iron and the surface is coated with anti-oxidation and waterproof paint layer. It can hold 10 or 20 yoga mats or foam rollers.

Types of Yoga Mat Storage


  • Metal material
  • Multi purpose
  • Assemble easily
  • Service

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