Yoga Mat Holder Options

Looking for the best yoga mat holder? We hear you; when you start taking your wellness practices seriously, different tools and gadgets are a must; one of those tools is definitely a handy and practical yoga mat holder or bag. The reason why today we’ll be telling you about different mat holder options.

Imagine you are on your way to yoga class from home or work, and perhaps more often than you would want, you are running late; the last thing you want is to be worrying about how to get your mat from point A to point B, in one piece at least. And most likely, your regular gym bag isn’t the proper size to fit a yoga mat inside.

When you begin to think that investing in a mat bag is the right thing to do, it is then that you begin to think that investing in a mat bag is the right thing to do. A mat holder not only can give you the freedom to carry your yoga mat around but will also keep the mat secure, with the goal of your mat staying in optimum conditions for as long as possible. Without further ado, check out different yoga mat holder options and feel free to choose your favorite.


Why are yoga mat holders important?

Schlepping your yoga mat to class isn’t ideal because we all know they tend to be clunky and can get heavy, especially if you’re also packing accessories like a yoga towel.
These are specifically designed to carry all your workout essentials, including blocks, straps, and other gear to maximize your routine. Some even have room to store an extra set of clothes and toiletries to freshen up post-workout.
Besides, there’s nothing Zen about walking down the street while your yoga mat tries to wriggle itself out of your yoga bag.

What are some of the benefits of a yoga mat holder?

It securely fits a yoga mat and other items.
Keeps all of your stuff is in one spot, so you have peace of mind
Cute and convenient
Designed to carry all of your workout essentials

Different types of yoga mat holders?

You can go from a minimalist sling to a sizable duffel bag, all to carry your mat as well as for its safekeeping.
Yoga mat holders include yoga mat bags, totes, slings, and backpacks.

Yoga mat holder options

Yogiii Yoga Mat Bag

Simple, intuitive, and impeccably designed, The YogiiiTote is a top-selling, high-performing, lightweight style mat carrier with a spacious compartment that fits all-size yoga mats. With one piece of fabric, no fasteners, no buckles, and a comfortable shoulder strap, The YogiiiTote is an essential carrier for your everyday practice.

Crafted specifically to carry yoga mats in an easy, gender-neutral, shoulder strap tote bag form. One-piece, no buckles, no fasteners.
Also great as a reusable grocery bag, shopping bag, and for your trips to the beach.

Yoga Mat Holder Options: Yogiii Yoga Mat Bag


  • Wash with cold water on a gentle cycle only
  • Not suitable for dryer as this may cause shrinking
  • Fits mats up to 1/4″ Thick
  • Cotton
  • Two pockets
  • Multi-purpose

Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag Patterned Canvas with Pocket and Zipper

This duffle bag is large enough to format up to 26″ wide; it will fit all of your stuff. Whether you have a thick mat or you like to carry multiple mats, blocks, blankets, straps, Kindfolk’s duffel will quickly become your favorite yoga accessory.
This bag is incredibly well made and durable with high-quality canvas – perfect for daily use.

Spot clean is recommended; use a damp washcloth, cold water, and dish soap. Wipe down the canvas in circular motions, working out the stain. Rinse the washcloth and work out the soap from the canvas, going with the grain of the bag. Hang to air dry.

Yoga Mat Holder Options: Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag Patterned Canvas with Pocket and Zipper


  • Bags can fit two small mats
  • Vegan
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Perfectly suited for extra-thick mats
  • Easy cleaning


Colorful, young, and energetic, used on various occasions, this yoga bag is the perfect format, suit for class, outdoor, grassland, seaside, park, etc.
It’s easy to put your mat in the bag and keep it clean and organized.

A large and expandable front pocket is ideal for your personal belongings such as yoga strap, yoga socks, yoga accessories, books, cell phones, wallet, etc. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap designed for customized length and easy carrying, suit for different people, maximum up to 48 inches.

Yoga Mat Holder Options: ELENTURE Yoga Mat Bag


  • Full-zip feature
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Large expandable front pocket
  • 26 -inch long and 6.5-inch in diameter
  • Hand wash below 30°C

YogaAddict Large Yoga Mat Bag

The construction is sturdy, with lots of room for a yoga mat, towels, yoga straps, keys, extra shirts, wallet, membership cards, tissues, journals, handphones, etc. Ideal for keeping your personal items not visible to others.

Easily adjust the shoulder strap to your height and preferred carrying position. Keep your mat clean, dry, and portable. Extend the life of your valuable yoga mat by protecting it in a quality constructed yoga mat bag.

Yoga Mat Holder Options: YogaAddict Large Yoga Mat Bag


  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Fits most yoga mat
  • Expandable front compartment
  • Zippered outside compartment
  • Durable with functional design
  • Made from premium polyester

Icon Luxe Gym Bag

You will absolutely love this eye-catching holder bag. It’s stylish and designed to support your visit to the gym with its many compartments and even a wet compartment so you can keep your sweaty gym or swimwear.

Made with Polyester fabric, it is strong, durable, and lightweight, perfect for taking to the gym. Wipe clean with a damp cloth to keep it in optimum shape.

Yoga Mat Holder Options: Icon Luxe Gym Bag


  • The ultimate kit bag to take you from workouts to work.
  • Quilted woven fabric is durable and lightweight.
  • Separate compartments for wet kit, trainers and valuables.
  • Extra straps to carry your yoga mat.
  • Dimensions: H 26cm x W 43cm x D 24cm.
  • Liter Capacity: 36L.

Zenifit Yoga Mat Bag

Thanks to its universal size and color scheme, the Benefits Yoga Mat Bag is designed for yoga lovers and doubles as a shopping or beach bag.

It is 13.5 inches wide so that you can store other yoga equipment and accessories like your yoga block and yoga strap! There’s also an extra pocket for a water bottle and towel, and even a zipped pocket with a strong YKK Zip for your phone, cards, and keys!

This yoga tote has reinforced stitched seams and is made from Heavy Duty 8oz Cotton Canvas. To prolong the bag’s life, flip the yoga bag inside-out, machine or hand wash with cold water. Avoid the use of bleach and dryer. Let the bag air dry away from the sun to help it keep its color.

Yoga Mat Holder Options: Zenifit Yoga Mat Bag


  • Heavy Duty 8oz Cotton Canvas
  • Extra pocket
  • Holds up to 20lbs
  • Great to carry towel-water bottle-cell phone-keys
  • Two elastic straps included

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